Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Its been almost a month since I last bloged, it doesn't mean I was doing nothing, you know for sure I wasn't on vacation. I have been hired by PROP ( people regional opportunity program) a community service providing program that have a lot of awesome programs in more than three 'Cities' in southern Maine. My new part time job (10 hrs a week), is fun because I work with young adolescents who live in a neighborhood call Parkside. They a very diverse in age and ethnicity etc. that is what is new except that for the first time since I have been in this country I went to a Halloween party.......

Halloween for Charity?

I was invited by my a friend to come out on Halloween after I voiced it out allowed that apart from going trick or treating with my kids I have never done or been to any Halloween party. So I was invited to this party at a community space call the 'space gallery' its a non -profit non space that host presentations, dialogues and many other events. I believed the Halloween party was a fund raiser. Any way I went and the place was maxed up. but the guys at the gate did me a favor, collected my ID and ten dollars so I can go look for my friends. I spent close to 5 minutes with out luck because every one was wearing a costume. so i gave up and left and that was the beginning of my night and 'tour'
See Portland Maine have this area call the old port, i am not good at maths so I am not going to go into what its size is, but its a sizable place where people go for parties.Its full of many different clubs and it doesn't matter what kind of music or drink or life style you are into, there is somewhere for you to go. I think it is diversity in action.
I head towards the old port and it looked like it was new year's eve, there was a lot of people in many different costumes. I went from one place to the other I couldn't get into any club because they were all full so I wondered around feeling like ' a tourist in costume land' for a couple of hours before I decided to go home. As I always do, I started reflecting and thinking of how to use such a vibrant occasion to benefit others. I am going to ask a couple of organizations in Portland to join hands and organize an all day long costume competition where people will pay to watch and compete and raise money for a good cause.