Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sunday Nov 14th
    We left Amman and took a cab to the Allenby Bridge crossing. We were praying that its not too busy at the border as it's the weekend to the Eid.(Muslim festival)  we went through immigration and the officer took our passports and asked us to go wait. We waited  and were caught having a very deep conversation around how CHANGE can happen in our world. I think both me and my friend Daniel are idealists, after  almost 45-50 minutes, we became a bit alarmed so we went to the immigration box and asked about our passports and the officer said  ' go and wait' and he went on with his work. It took us almost 15 minutes for someone to explain to us  that they are going to hold on our passports and will give it back to us after we  board the  bus that will bring us to the other side (Israel) of the boarder . Our bus was stopped again and everyone was asked to come down, the security guys did their checks did their work and we went back to continue our Journey.
   When we get to the Israel side of the boarder , there was a long line again due to the Eid festival many people were going to visit families. We join a line that was moving a bit faster than snail pace and eventually arrived at the security check point where we were asked to run our luggage's through a scanner and walk through  the body scanner. Then we handed our passports to the officers who check it out and pass it on. This time around my friend Daniel was questioned about his passport because its old and was issued outside the US. He also have been to many countries in the Middle and far East. so we were joking that the two of us should not be traveling together because we are an odd duo. ME with almost new passport , traveling the first time to the region and Daniel with an old passport issued outside the US and with visa stamps from almost all over the region and beyond. We were thinking that they my be  thinking  'hhmm may be we are 'spies'
   I went through a lot of questions and Daniel was also questioned, eventually we were giving back our passports and said good night. Our ride back home was smooth we were stopped once when were going through the West Bank . We arrived in East Jerusalem and walked back home as we continued with our  idealists agenda on how to save the world and who we were going to collaborate With. We were like  Peace Building 'supermen' in the making.....