Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where are the voices of Reason

   Some times I wonder if we( Humankind) were created to fight each other to destruction.  We are bugged in one too many wars , Iran and Israel are heating up the tension in the Middle East theater after the IAEA issued a news release bout the current situation on Iran's nuke program.
   President Obama met with about 19 Asian Pacific leaders  in Hawaii (minus China), they discuss how to revive the world economy which is good because a lot of families are falling apart as a result of the many economic melt downs across the globe. That was a very big 'strategic' step for the world economy. Then he went to Australia and sign an agreement package which includes  'expanding' our presence in that region by sending 2500 marines in the next few years ,  the Chines don't want that many US Marines Corps  in their neighborhood so they protested. I am wondering what they will do in the next few days.  I am scare of the direction our world is taking,  scare of the unknown,  scare of what will happen to many mothers and children, am angry because there are so many people losing their jobs, homes and cannot put food on their table cannot feed their children, most of them live in shelters, they are homeless. Some  world leaders are busy threatening each other or watching  whiles women and children are are being killed in Syria and other parts of the world. I wonder how and when we will slow down or stop killing each other in the name of Religion, Politics and what have you... I still hope that someday, peace  and Love  will come ...

 Quote of the day:
"The United States is a Pacific power, and we are here to stay."~ President Obama
'"the notion that we fear China is mistaken."~ President Obama