Saturday, February 6, 2010


 Three days ago I received an email from a coleague wit an attachment , which is a news release(statement) from the 'Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine' regarding vandalism at a Jewish cemetery .  Further reading into the attachment made me sick, because it is about a spraying of the 'Swastika signed on the tombstone of Jewish graves. My first reaction was , 'Oh my God , who in their right sense will  go to the final resting place of someone they don't know, or have not even heard of before and commit such act of vandalism'   I know the answer, I know the kind of people who will do that , we encounter them everyday in different part of the world.The grave is the final resting place for all who chose to be buried in that manner. Desecration of graves is the ultimate  act of cowardice, desecration of a Jewish grave with the Swastika is violation of their, basic dignity with something that symbolizes hate, intolerance and bigotry. This is a continuation of many incidents that have been commited by cowards to a community that this cowards seem to HATE. There was a similar incident at a Jewish synagogue last year, and a couple of years ago someone violated the sanctity of a prayer place by throwing a pig head through the window of a mosque.
    Why don't this cowards come out in the open? We have  what I believed to be a 'Beloved Community' yes it may not be a very perfect one, yet we respect ,tolerate and accept each other. But this few incidents have giving me a reason to believe that we need to work more especially with our young once and hopefully some day we will have that dream 'Beloved Community' that we all wish. And I wish  the Police luck in finding who this cowards are, so the can face trial.