Friday, March 12, 2010


  The recent news reports from Nigeria about the killing of more than a hundred women and children makes me wonder how in the name of God can people be killing each other especially women and children.  I  believe that God will frown on any religious person irrespective of his faith, that will be going around and cutting innocent women and their children. Acts like this makes me wanna question the genuineness of what they claimed is behind or the reason for the killings.  In this case they claimed its a counter attack to a previous killing against people of  their 'religion' , 'faith', 'cult' or what ever it is that they claimed to be representing, for I am a Muslim and they are not representing my Faith.
    From all indication all is not lost yet , there a few fearless Muslim from all over the world who re not scared to say it Loud and clear. A Muslim sheikh in the UK Sheikh Muhammed Tahir UL-Qudri, just passed a 600 page taqwa  to condemned  all sort of killing(terror) including  innocent children and their mothers, I wish there is a way to meet with the leaders of all this people from across the world I will look at them on the face and say ' Dude where is my Religion'