Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here Comes November again and the Politicians are 'Mud-Sliding' Each other.

  There is an old believe that, every generaation preserve its values by passing it down to its young ones  both formal and informal way. Every November there is an election either to elect community, city, municipal State or National representatives and this November is not any any different. The only thing that sets this year's election apart from its predesors is that more money is spent by politicians attacking each other, than any time in the past. Instead of telling us what they will do if voted into office, they are telling us how their opponents are not good for us. And they do it by any means neccersary, through  TV,radio,newspaper, internet and of course by sending it to our homes  through the postal services.  Some of this attacks are lies, others half truths and some small part of it is true. Why cant we go back to the way things were done in the past  where election is about, what and how an individual is going to serve the people that elected them into office? is that the kind of values we want to live our young people who are learning  what this politicians are doing to each others careers through all the tools they have available?