Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Blended Community

I have decided to write and share my thoughts/opinions on things that I am passionate about. I would like to generate conversation around these ideas, so feel free to comment. I am enthusiastic about many things both in my own community and beyond. My plan is to share my thoughts often with my readers in hopes of keeping discussions going surrounding the Portland communities. Being that I have had no formal training in journalism I welcome feedback from you my treasured readers.

Today is Sat July 4 2009; I have just come back home from watching the city's fireworks. I plan to post the videos from my cell phone once I figure out how to down load and upload them. I live in Portland, which by far offers the state of Maine its most diverse communities. Anyone can tell that just by the differences in the people that showed up to celebrate this event.

The firework show was so amazing often all I heard from the crowd was yeaahhh and wow. As I looked around I realized how beautiful the crowd was. It was a blend of Arabs, Blacks, Asians, Whites, and every culture and race in between. On my way home I passed an open window with a group of young men drinking and singing America the beautiful with hoarse voices. It made me feel happy to be a part of something so much bigger then myself.