Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dance work shop a la Bates Dance Festival

Well its been an hour since the dancer(Michael Kouakou) from Bates Dance festival (courtesy of the Festival and the Maine office of Multicultural Affairs) got here and all I can say is he and the teenage girls (lotino Acholi dance group) and their mentor are having a blast. Even yours true had the chance to try his feet on some of the moves. The guy is such a wonderful choreographer and a teacher. I wish I am around during the festival to go see some of his performances. These lucky five will also get an invitation to go see the festival
Now that I am done with this its time to go back and finish packing . I cant wait to go to the seeds of peace camp. I will be leaving tomorrow and will be blogging to share my experience at the camp at least twice or thrice a week .. Until then enjoy the dancing moves from the Parkside Neighborhood Center and please don't forget to go to the festival website for all the schedule peace