Tuesday, August 4, 2009

International Dinner and Educators Night Spectacular

Monday Aug 3rd

The whole camp is excited about today . It is the international dinner event, there will be food from almost all the countries that are represented here. The campers will be looking their best.....

We had two dialogues one in the morning and the second in the afternoon after which we had a meeting. The day went by fast. During the dinner event , most of the campers are dressed in the most colorful outfits you can ever imagine. the food is good, and very diverse from Jordan through Israel, Somalia, Thai and America. Music was blurring and people were dancing all over the place I cant help it but go around asking both staff members and campers to take pictures with me whether they have cameras or not. After dinner I went to the Delegation leaders lounge to take part in the educator's night.Its an event where invited educators from different aspects of 'education' tradition or otherwise from communities here and far meet , make friends and network with the delegation leaders. Teachers try to established 'sister and brother classroom relationships with their counterparts across the globe , through the delegation leaders who are themselves educators. The whole event is like a spectacular 'speed date' service. After Daniel, Seeds of Peace Delegation Leader (DL) program director
guests introduce themselves and what they do, yo will have to go and speak with someone you want to network with. At the first round I met a gentleman, he is a Christian minister from Harvard collage, and when I told him that I have a long time dream of meeting a writer ,Diana, L Eck, (A new religious America) He said she is a member of his congregation and that if I get in touch with him he can arrange for me to meet her .