Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seeds of peace is one big family......

Friday Aug 7Th

Today is my 'day off' , I decided to accompany a fellow staff member to drop a camper at the Portland Jetport. We left camp after the morning prayer and drove to the airport. I have to escort the camper because he is a minor. The Jet blue airline front desk staff have to do a back ground check on me before she will give me security clearance to escort the young man.So she started asking all sorts of personal questions, she ask young man if he speaks English, she ask me where i live , what I do for living, then she touched the wrong nerve by asking me 'How long have I been in this country ? I responded by saying long enough to be a citizen, then she repeated the question again with some sort of stress in her voice, that was when I ask her if it was part of the security clearing procedure, and if its not I will not answer the question. She handed me a slip with my name on it. I thanked her and escorted the young man to his flight.

Rahmat came to visit

I have arranged to pick up my daughter and bring her to the camp . She was excited to see me and my friend Walid whom she had met before I left for camp. Rahmat is a natural people person, she was all over the place asked a lot of questions . Rahmat made friends and engaged the DLs. She joined us for lunch and I brought Rahmat to the Friday Muslim service with me. she fell asleep during the service. Rahmat spent about 4 hours here before I brought her back home when I went to Portland with my fellow facilitators for sight seeing. We spent about 3 hours in Portland before returning to camp. When I got to camp, there was a preparation for a 'bucket' drumming performance at the delegation leader lounge. I met the drummer and another old friend before i went to my cabin. I fell asleep and wake up at 4 am, waiting for the my old radio/ alarm to go off ,then I heard a knock on the door it is time to pray. and my friend Walid is making sure every one is awake the three of us said our prayers and I went back to sleep.

Saturday August 8Th

There is no line up during color games, I laid in bed and listen to my radio for a while before taking a shower and headed towards the dinning hall for breakfast. There was too many things going on at the same time. I spent most part of the day reading a book titled ' A long way gone' by Ishmael Beah the former child soldier from Sierra Leon and I wonder how it will be like having a program like Seeds of Peace in Ghana(since it is one of the most stable countries in Africa). and then bring kids from waring African countries to spend summer there . I got carried away with this idea and I even started planning which part of Ghana will be ideal and which Government department I will have to lobby, when My cell phone vibrated and I suddenly realized that I was day - dreaming. I continue day dreaming about almost everything for the most part of the day.
In the evening there was the variety show part of the color games... I went and saw many talents on display, (Seeds got talent).The production was perfect, the team work was great. The best part of tonight is that all the campers were here as campers in different colors, no one is referred to by delegation or any other identity except their team colors blue or green. I went to bed feeling great and blessed to be a member of the Seeds family.