Sunday, August 2, 2009

Signs of the last days

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek


July 28Th

I was schedule to do a presentation to a group of students from the Middle East and North Africa who are here in the US to meet everyday people... and explore how we the people run our lives. They came to the US through a program that is funded by the State Department's Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative which was started by President Bush 43, I spoke to the young group on some of the work I do in the community to empower young people and how I foster relationship with them, and the young people I co-presented with shared how they approach adult allies, when they need support or guidance as youth leaders in their communities. The presentation went well, we had lunch, hugs, hand shakes and said good bye.
On my way to Otisfield Maine, I started toying with the idea of moving out of Portland to some where out there in the woods just for its quite and peaceful environment. The state trooper at the entrance to the camp waived at me as i was about to stop and check in I felt the same feeling of being at a unique place. That evening we had our first guest speaker from , another seeds of peace facilitator who came to do a presentation on Hate crimes, it was a great and the campers enjoyed and I learn a lot from it.

Wednesday July - 29Th

Wednesday was normal a little bit of sunshine and some scattered thunderstorms. I went through a couple of hard moments , I was late for almost 15 minutes to dialogue.,( evening session), my boss Leslie, picked me up in a golf cart on my way to Dialogue, because she was worried about me(thanks boss).

Thursday July 30Th

Being worried, I went to bed early and had a very deep and sound sleep. I woke up early enough to say my morning prayer on time and also listen to the BBC radio world service from an old GE radio which also serves as my alarm clock.. I went to dialogue feeling the same way I was feeling the day before, I bet my co-facilitator might had picked on it , she asked me if I was okay (people really care about each other here). Our two sessions was good. Tomorrow is Maine Seeds Parents'. The parents of the Maine campers came to visit and also met with their kid's new friends.

Friday July 21st

Friday morning was nice the sun was out and we had a lot of visitors. It started raining around noon and the boys' soccer game was cancel. It rained for the rest of the day.

Saturday Aug 1st

Today is moustache competition day where staff members and some campers will compete for the best moustache around this part of town. There was so many kinds of moustache , some real ,some not. The competitors were asked to and stand facing the campers who will determined the winner by a loud applause any time the referee points at one of them. The procedure was very competitive until we settle for a male and female competitors it was fun to see how all the females rooting for the lady and the males were for the gentleman.
The Maine Seeds had a 'date' with Tim Wilson , he did a presentation on why they are here and how they leadership skills. He informed them of how much support they have in the Seeds of peace family and how they can effectively take advantage of it.He also pointed it out to them how they are the agents for change in their various communities.
In the evening I followed the delegation leaders to the town of Bath for a two hour sailing trip and guess what, I get to sail (drove) a boat for 45 minutes and I loved it.After sailing we joined our hosts for a BBQ and socializing for an hour or so before we headed back to camp. I fell asleep on our way back for most part of the two our drive. We arrived 'home' at around 9:30pm and I was fast asleep by 11:pm. I woke up in at 2 am tossed on my bed for about half and hour went back to sleep again.

Sunday August 2ND

Its beautiful day, sunny and not very hot. The christian service will be this morning and then there will be photo taking session and then dialogue. After the Church service the bell was rang for pictures to be taking first by delegation groups (countries) then dialogue group, then bunk , then table. Then just the facilitators then the the delegation leaders and on and forth. It was such an amazing co-ordination. Seeds of peace have a very perfect way of making sure that each camper at least gets to do something with more than just one kid. Today is the most exciting dialogue sessions for me ever. The group did an excellent job in sharing and being honest with it. I am privilege to be with them all.