Monday, August 10, 2009


Monday August 10Th

I don't like good byes,but some times you have to embrace reality no matter how difficult it may be. Today is the last time we will have the Maine Seeds in the dialogue hut as a group.Its the wrap up session, the 'dream is coming to an end'
As I walk down the dialogue alley on my way to our hut I can tell from the looks on the faces of my fellow facilitators that , they wish they have the power to freeze time..

What happens in dialogue stays in dialogue
We have taking a solemn 'oath' to not share a single word of what happens in dialogue, so I cant share what happened during our session, but it was so great that I wish I can share with you, because if you are reading this chances are you might have been following my entries since three weeks ago and have never had the chance to read about what happens inside the 'deer hut'. I think its okay to shed light on some things without being very specific. The Maine Seeds have come a long way this session. Our dialogue came to a stand still a couple of days before camp ends, we were worried of what will happen or how to get the group to move forward.Then out of no where they came back strong not only in dialogue but with other camp activities such as group challenge. In my line of work whether as a mentor or a staff in any program ,I have always believe in any youth I work with, in their capability to do all they can to get to where they are supposed to be. I believe that every young person have the resiliency to redirect their energy towards a good cause if they are giving the right tools and that is what this camp is about. Seeds of Peace have all the tools and support that makes young people believe in themselves and what hey can do as a group or individuals irrespective of who they are or where they come from. Yes its okay for a few of them to not be part of the energy now but I hope that they will re-connect with their peers once they go home and realized how much their lives and perception about everything have changed. Seeds of Peace have layers of support for this young leaders to effect change in their communities, and the world.
Dialogue was heavy today, we did touch on transitioning back to their everyday lives and how to deal with the response they will get from their friends once they start talking about their experiences here. It was difficult having that conversation some were holding back tears as they talk about what the relationships they have built this past three weeks means to them. When I heard the bell for the end of each of the sessions I tried had to hold back my tears.....
The fact that camp officially ends today is hitting us all (campers and staff ) hard, even though we know it was coming from the first day we arrived, but I guess we are just human and we can only control certain things, unfortunately time is not one of those and it does not wait for no one.
After dinner we went to the big hall and watched about an hour long slide of photographs of everything that happened on camp thanks to Bobbie the co-founder of Seeds of Peace and 3 other staff members who were on top of that. Most of the seeds of peace pictures on this blog is coming from Bobbie. I couldn't sleep so I spent time updating this blog. and I am wondering if I will be crying when I saw the last bus drive past the FIELD, or when I start walking back to my cabin and pack to go back home to my every day life...

Below is a quote we share with the group hope you will like it:

Forgive me, God, for remaining aloof when others are in need of my assistance.

Wake me up, God; ignite my passion, fill me with outrage. Remind me that I am responsible for Your world. Don't allow me to stand idly by. Inspire me to act. Teach me to believe that I can repair some corner of this world.

When I despair, fill me with hope. When I doubt my strength, fill me with faith. When I am weary, renew my spirit. When I lose direction, show me the way back to meaning, back to compassion, back to You. Amen.
~2002 Naomi Levy~