Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Take me to the game....

Tuesday Aug 4TH

Tolerance and celebration of individual differences
is the fire that fuels lasting love.
- Tom Hannah

The Seeds of Peace have a long tradition of going to the 'game' or to see the local base ball team (Portland Sea Dogs). There is an old story of a camper who was wondering when the game was going to start and to the camper's surprise the game was about to come to an end when she ask that question. Today is Sea dogs day.. on Sea Dogs day , we are all excited to go to Portland Maine to cheer for the local team The Sea Dogs,, which is a good relationship building with the teams. Unfortunately because most of the campers are not Americans we end up cheering after every score irrespective of who is winning. So today we spent a couple of hours at the sea dogs game. We had a lot of fun , ate a lot of food cheered for both teams all night. And drove back to the camp. As I laid on my bed the sea dogs song kept playing in my head repeatedly Until I fell Asleep.
Sea D-o-g-s, clap x2 !! clap x 2!!. Sea Dogs!! Sea Dogs!!..

quote of the Day

' 'If you dont know what you are searching for,
how will you know when you have found it.
Decide what it is you truly desire.
Then work whole-heartedly for it.
No half stepping. You can get it if you really want to''.