Thursday, August 6, 2009

Talent show and Color Games

Today is going to be a very busy day.It's the Maine Seeds day, where former Maine Seeds come to visit. Our dialogue groups made a U-turn from slow progress to a fast paced, project ready group. The Maine seeds (campers) are ready to initiate a lot of changes and awareness when they go back home next Tuesday. Camp is busy with many visitors from past campers to parents and some staff members who work in the NY and the Middle Eastern offices.
The Maine Seeds had a guest speaker , who was a seed , she shared her experience on making a change in her community, This young woman raised about 20.000 dollars in one school year when she was in high school and initiated a lot of community action project in the Dexter Maine region. she is one of the many resources available to the current Seeds once they go home.
Tonight is the talent show night which will usher in the Color Games (CG). The color games is a three day intensive Olympic like competition in almost anything you can think of . From sports through intellectual and the arts. The camp is divided into three colors namely: Blue, green and White .The campers and their coaches(counselors) are either blue or green and the rest of the camp is white including visitor.. from Thursday through Sunday we try as much as possible not to wear the green shirts.
Dialogue was intense the campers have started realising how it is going to be over soon and we are all going to go back to our everyday life as before , having gone through this powerful transformation process.....

Color Games Coaches
The process of selecting the coaches is shrouded in secrecy and the counselors look forward to it with hopes that they will be the ones to be picked .No one knows how they get to be selected but every one hopes too be the ones that get to be selected. The rest that don't get selected automatically fall behind the coaches and all hand is on deck for a successful Color games experiences to the campers.The coaches are introduced to the whole camp in a very spectacular, colorful and dramatic way. Leslie and Wil , the two camp directors will mention a coach's name and their short bios, and then the coach will show or appear in a very creative way. Each coach comes with a style of their own and tonight's is as unique as the coaches. The line up shows how much competition lies ahead in the next three days based on how all the coaches entered the stage with style and creativity.